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Bucket Seat Covers

Tailor Made Styles:

Tailor Made Custom Cover

Tailor Made Super-Fits

Tailor Made Diamond Mosaic

Tailor Made Sheepskin Inserts

Ready Made Styles:

Ready-Made All Sheepskin

Ready-Made Super-Fit High Back

Ready-Made Super-Fit Low Back

Mosaic Super-Fit

Ready-Made Sheepskin Cushions

Free Form Sheepskin Covers

Bench Seat Covers

Tailor Made Styles:

Tailor Made Bench Seat Cover

Tailor Made Bench Super-Fits

Diamond Mosaic Super-Fits

Ready Made Styles:

Super-Fit Sheepskin Bench Cover

All Sheepskin Bench Seat Cover

Motor Home Seat Covers

Tailor Made Styles

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Ready-made Low Back Super-fit Seat Covers


Super-fit Sheepskin Seat Covers


Called "Super-fit" because elastic "look-a-like sheepskin" material hugs the sides and back of the seat back. They slide down over the seat back like a slip cover.  The top and bottom of the seating surface, (the areas your body touches) is covered with 100% real sheepskin.

If your seat has a headrest, simply remove it and slice an opening with a razor blade and slide the headrest back in.  Available in the same eight colors as the Super-fit High Back seat covers.  Made of Soothing 5/8"-3/4" thick genuine sheepskin.  Fully cloth lined.

If your seats have side impact air bags built into them, we will have to alter these at $10.00 per seat.

Please Note: If your seatbelts are built into the seat, only the Tailor-made styles will work.  This style wont.

Click here to send an email to us, if you have any question regarding this style seat cover.

matching seatbelt strap covers $13.99 each Click the "Buy Now" button to enter Make, Model & Year of your vehicle.

$119.99 each

matching armrest covers $29.99 each matching headrest covers $29.99 each

matching center console cover $49.99 matching steering wheel cover $17.99

Available Colors

Click here for detail of colors

If you would like to have swatches sent to you, send us an email and let us know which colors you would like to see.

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