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sheepskin seat covers info...

            Sheepskin seat covers are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, because of their natural insulating ability.  We have several styles to choose from including free from, full fitted and super-fits.  Below is a brief description of each of the styles listed on the left. 

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Sheepskin seat covers for any vehicle

Sheepskin Seat Covers

People who drive a lot, will not go without these. They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer because they allow air to get between your back and the seat.  If you have a leather or vinyl seats, these will make a wonderful difference.

Sheepskin is very resilient and pretty much worry free. If you spill something on them, like soda or coffee, you can normally just wipe it off. If it dries, chances are you'll be able to get it out with a damp cloth. Sheepskin doesn't soak up stains like fabric does.  Liquid had a tendency to just sit on top for a period of time, before soaking in.   Also, they don't shed or loose their wool because as you know, sheep have to be sheared.

We have several lines to choose from.  The first line, the Tailor-Made line, we make ourselves and they come in two different styles.  The first style is the all-sheepskin and they cover the entire seating area, the sides of the seats and they have a "hood" that comes down 8-10" over the top of the seat and down the back.  The second style of the Tailor Made line is the Super-Fits and they cover the entire seating surface of the seat with real sheepskin.  The sides and the entire back of the seat-back are covered with look-a-like faux sheepskin.  These slip over the seats, like a slip cover.

The Ready-Made line features beautiful quality, at an even more affordable price.  The first style in this line, the Ready-Made All Sheepskin, are made of all sheepskin that covers the entire seating surface and sides with sheepskin and they have a "hood" that comes down 8-10" over the top of the seat and down the back.  The second style, the Super-Fits, cover the entire seating surface with sheepskin and the sides and back of the seats are covered with the look-a-like faux sheepskin.

The last style, which is the Free Form style, is a natural shaped sheepskin, with elastic straps attached to hold it in place.  If you have a bench seat, we can sew several of these side by side.

Sheepskin seat covers are a great investment for your vehicle. Not only do they offer comfort and look nice, they also protect your seats from natural wear and tear that occurs over the normal lifetime of a vehicle.

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From beautiful Berks County PA,  we bring you a selection of unique items and gifts, many of which our family has been making for over thirty five years. is located in a small village called Pleasantville, which is about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia and 20 minutes east of Reading on Route 73.



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