Tailor Made Super-Fit Sheepskin Seat Covers

Tailor Made Super-Fit Sheepskin Seat Covers

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Product Details

The Super-fit Tailor-made sheepskin seat covers are made from 1" thick Australian Merino sheepskin on the seating surface and seat back but has an integrated matching stretch fleece acrylic material on the sides and back of seat. They slide down over the seat back like a slip cover and elastic straps with hooks attach under the seat bottom.  Since the sides and the seat skirting aren't covered with real sheepskin, this helps to keep the cost down but you still have top quality sheepskin, where your body comes in contact with the seat. If your seat has a headrest, this will fit underneath it. Also, if your seats have the side impact airbags built into them or seatbelts integrated into the seats, just let us know and we'll make these to accommodate them. (As you go through the check-out process, you can state this under "comments") Fully cloth lined.

Available in the 12 colors shown.  If you have electronic controls on the side of the seat bottom, they are operational through the stretchy material.

$279.99 for each seat.

Available Colors (from left to right): black, charcoal, pewter, blue, brown, burgundy, pearl, gobi, camel, silver, dark silver, mushroom and white.