Ready-Made All-Sheepskin Power Chair Cover

Ready-Made All-Sheepskin Power Chair Cover



Product Details

Made from top quality Australian Merino, sheepskins seat covers are a wonderful natural product that help prevent wheelchair sores like no other product. They even help prevent piles, if you have to sit on a cold seat, you know what we're talking about. 7/8 - 1" fleece density, #1 quality.

This seat cover is made from one of our Ready-made all-sheepskin seat covers and is altered to fit this type of seat. It has a hood that holds it on the top of the seat back and straps that hold the bottom in place, that hook under the seat.

Maximum Dimensions: Seat Back: 19" wide at the very top, 20" wide mid back, 22" high and 5" thick at the top.... Seat Bottom: 22.5" wide and 20" front to back.

Available Colors (from left to right): black, charcoal, pewter, blue, brown, burgundy, pearl, gobi, camel, silver, dark silver, mushroom and white.