Tailor Made Super Fits for Motor Homes

Tailor Made Super Fits for Motor Homes



Product Details

The Super-Fit Tailor Made seat covers are made from 1" thick Australian Merino sheepskin on the seating surface and seat back but has an integrated matching stretch fleece acrylic material on the sides and back of seat. Since the sides and the seat skirting aren't covered with real sheepskin, this helps to keep the cost down but you still have top quality sheepskin, where your body comes in contact with the seat. Called "Super-fit" because elastic "look-a-like sheepskin" material hugs the side and back of the seat. Fully cloth lined.

Please provide us with these Measurements, as you go through the check-out process. You may print this form and fax it to us at 1-484-214-0130, after you complete the check-out process, instead of entering them through the website.

Available Colors (from left to right): black, charcoal, pewter, blue, brown, burgundy, pearl, gobi, camel, silver, dark silver, mushroom and white.

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