Ready-made High Back Superfit Sheepskin Seat Cover

Ready-made High Back Superfit Sheepskin Seat Cover

Code: HBSF


Product Details

Real sheepskin seat covers at a great price. Called "Super-fit" because elastic "look-a-like sheepskin" material hugs the sides and back of the seat back. They slide down over the seat back like a slip cover. The top and bottom of the seating surface, (the areas your body touches) is covered with 100% real sheepskin. Warm in the winter, prevents perspiration in the summer. The high backs are great for tractor trailers seats too. Made of Soothing 5/8"-3/4" thick genuine sheepskin. Fully cloth lined.

If your seats have side impact air bags built into them, we will have to alter these at $10.00 per seat.  If your seats have armrests attached to the seatback, there is an alteration available to allow the armrest to slip through the seat cover at $10.00.

Please Note: If your seatbelts are built into the seat, only the Tailor-made styles will work. This style wont. Also, If your seat has a removable adjustable headrest, you need the low back style.

$149.99 for each seat.

Available Colors (from left to right): black, charcoal, pewter, blue, brown, burgundy, pearl, gobi, camel, silver, dark silver, mushroom and white.