Full Length Mink Coat

Full Length Mink Coat

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Beautiful Full Length Mink Coats Your friends will turn green with envy when they see you in this beautiful classic, top of the line, full length mink coat. Made of beautiful Norwegian female pelts, this is the same coat you'll find in fine department stores for up to six thousand dollars. We use female Mink pelts because they are generally smaller and lighter in weight than male Mink pelts. Additionally, female pelts usually have a higher luster and are very silky and soft while male Mink pelts are more dense. Shawl collar and bracelet cuffs. Available in ranch mink or mahogany. 52" in length. These are beautiful coats! We've never had any returned. Customers have told us that they've seen the same quality coat in high end stores for up to three times as much. $4299.99 on sale $3899.99 sizes 18 & 20 add $100.00, 22 & 24 add $200.00