Ready-made All Sheepskin Seat Covers

Ready-made All Sheepskin Seat Covers

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Great quality sheepskin seat covers at a great price, in both high and low backs!

The best quality, pre-made, 100% pure sheepskin seat covers available. Hand selected, 7/8"-1" thick Australian Merino sheepskins are hand crafted into snug fitting, wrap around seat covers. Sheepskin seat covers are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, because of their natural insulating ability. Available in a 13 colors and a variety of sizes to fit virtually any bucket seat, either high back and low back. The top part of the seat cover has a hood that comes down 6-10" on the back of the seat-back holding the top in place and the bottom part of the seat cover securely fastens to the seat with 7 hidden straps that attach under the seat cushion. These are great quality seat covers at a great price. Just click the "Add to Cart" Button and enter your make, model and year, and we'll know which size you need. If your seats have headrests, these will fit underneath them and if your seats have the side impact airbags built into them, we'll alter these with velcro, to accommodate them, so they can deploy if needed. They're also fully cloth lined, so if you ever remove them, your seats will look like brand new. Imported.

If your seats have side impact air bags built into them, we will have to alter these at $10.00 per seat.

Please Note: If your seatbelts are built into the seat, only the Tailor-made styles will work. This style wont.

If your headrests are not removable or you don't want to put slits in for the headrest posts, we can do a velcro opening for $10.00 per seat.

$189.99 per seat.