#2 Style Sheepskin Gloves

#2 Style Sheepskin Gloves

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Product Details

Beautifully made hand stitched gloves made from top quality garment skins. Very soft, comfortable and warm. 100% real sheepskin inside and out. The outside of the glove is the hide side of the pelt and the inside is the fleece/wool side of the pelt.

Unisex Sizing:  Available in sizes XS to XXL (ladies normally take XS or small).  The measurements listed below are across the middle of the back of your hand at your knuckles x length, excluding thumb.

XS 3.5" x 9" L 4.75" x 10"
S 3.75" x 9.5" XL 5" x 10.5"
M 4.5" x 10" XXL 5.2" x 10.5"