Mink Stroller 3/4 Length

Mink Stroller 3/4 Length

Code: 3-4MS


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Whether you are on your way to a gallery opening in your evening gown or taking your dog for a stroll in the park in your jeans, you'll love wearing this soft and luxurious mink. Made of beautiful Norwegian female pelts, it features a shawl collar and bracelet cuffs. We use female Mink pelts because they are generally smaller and lighter in weight than male Mink pelts. Additionally, female pelts usually have a higher luster and are very silky and soft while male Mink pelts are more dense. Approximately 35" in length. $3299.99 Available in ranch and mahogany. sizes 18 & 20 add $100.00, 22 & 24 add $200.00