Sheepskin Detergent

Sheepskin Detergent

Code: 0918


Product Details

Specially formulated for sheepskin to assist in cleaning and maintaining the luster of your pelt. Note that sheepskin detergent should only be used for products that are tanned in a way that allows for washing.

Sheepskin Care Instructions - Our sheepskin products have been tanned using the most advanced technology known to man. As a result, simple care is all that is needed to maintain their beauty and comfort. Though wool is a springy fiber, after long use it may tend to mat down a bit. To restore the pile to its original state, brush it up with a coarse brush. The coarser the brush the better. Wire brushes work best and do not harm the fleece.

For Seat Covers - Removing the seat cover occasionally and shaking it out also removes loose dirt and restores the fleece to its original condition. Remember that your seat cover is a fine woolen product and must be treated as such. Harsh washing and / or drying can cause permanent damage, therefore dry cleaning is recommended. If the seat cover is soiled, it may be washed without damage providing that proper instructions are followed: 1. Hand wash in cool to luke warm water, using a mild soap designed for sheepskin. 2. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently remove the excess water. 3. Dry naturally without using direct heat. Stretch the skin during drying to prevent shrinkage. 4. When dry, brush up fleece with a coarse pet brush to restore. 5. Brush and vacuum at least once a month. Please note if you are not comfortable cleaning the seat covers yourself, find a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning leather.