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Organizer Safari Bag

Organizer Safari Leather Bag


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Available Colors:  Toffee, Red & Black

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Organizer Safari Leather Bag by ILI

This bag is made by Intercontinental Leather Industries and is made from 100% full gain cow hide leather. Excellent quality at excellent prices.

This top quality leather bag features two pockets on the front, one for a cell phone and the other is a 6" zippered pocket.  On the back you'll find an open pocket that's the full length of the bag.
There are two top zippers that open to different interior compartments.  The front compartment is an open space with a 7" zipper on it's back wall and two open pockets on the front wall, good for easy access.  The rear compartment has a 10 slot card holder on it's front wall, a center zippered pocket that divides the compartment and on the back wall, there's an open pocket that has a windowed ID slot on it.

 All interior compartments are cloth lined.

9 x 6 x 3.25"


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