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Hooded Shearling Coat, full length


Full Length Hooded Shearling Coat in Spanish Tan 

Full Length Hooded Shearling Coat

This full length Shearling coat has a built in hood, slant pockets and is fitted, so it tapers in at the waist.  There's an additional button under the collar, so it can be closed all the way up and the sleeves are adjustable.  Turned back edge runs down the front of the coat on both sides.  Made with Spanish Merino Brown Blist pelts.

Approximately 50" in length.

Available Sizes:
Small  (fits up to a 42" bust)
X-Large  (fits up to a 49" bust)


on sale at $1049.99

Spanish Merino Pelts

These are top of the line skins used by designers, that make beautiful, warm garments that are sold in department stores for two to four times our price.   They are light weight, very soft and supple and make comfortable garments that are easy to move in.  The wool on these is supper soft and plush, more like fur.  Unlike traditional shearling coats that can be heavy and bulky, garments made from these pelts have all the warmth but are light weight.

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