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Men's Shop

Shearling Coats

          Our men's Shearling coats

Leather Coats

          Leather dusters and leather jackets

Leather Vests

          Tradition style & side-lace leather vests

Shearling Vests

          A selection of men's Shearling vests

Ladies Shop

Shearling Coats

          Ladies Shearling coats in a variety of styles

Fur Coats and Jackets

          Mink coats and beaver coats

Shearling Vests

          Our ladies Shearling vests

Auto Seat Covers & Accessories

Sheepskin Seat Covers

          Sheepskin seat covers for cars and trucks

Deerskin Chamois

          Our large deerskin chamois

Sheepskin Car Mitt

          Use to polish or wash your car

Steering Wheel Covers

          Keeps you hands warm in the Winter, cool in Summer


Information About Us

          Customer service, ordering info, showroom, etc.

Leather Bags

          Leather purses, leather backpacks, briefcases & duffel bags


Sheepskin Slippers

          Our large variety of sheepskin slippers

Sheepskin Boots

          A nice selection of sheepskin boots


          Sheepskin trooper hats, round hats, earmuffs, etc.


          Sheepskin mittens in a couple different styles


          Deerskin gloves and sheepskin gloves

Indian Blankets

          Wool-blend blanks in a variety of colors

Infant Stroller Cover

          Sheepskin infant stroller cover

Bike Seat Covers

          Sheepskin bike seat covers

Sheepskin Toys

          A variety of sheepskin toys

Sheepskin Rugs

          Sheepskin rugs in a variety of colors

Infant Care Pelt

          Sheepskin rugs for the baby

Pet Pad

          Sheepskin rugs for you favorite pet

Wheel Chair Cover

          Sheepskin wheel chair cover made to order

Rain & Stain Repellant

          Rain & stain repellant for Shearling

Office Chair Cover

          Sheepskin office chair cover

Sheepskin Throw Pillows

          A variety of sheepskin throw pillows

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