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shearling slippers

       Comfortable and cozy warm shearling slippers, in a variety of styles.        (click images for details)


Snuggie Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin Snuggies

 $19.99 to $64.99

Infant to men's xxl sizes

Sheepskin Woolie Womper Slippers

Woolie Wompers


skuffie_sm.jpg (4567 bytes) Ladies Skuffie Slippers


   Sheepskin Skuffies, Mens Men's Skuffie Slippers


snuggie2_sm.jpg (7383 bytes)

Low Snuggie


Pink Snuggie Sheepskin Slippers Pink Snuggies


Moccasin Style Sheepskin Slippers Moccasin Slipper


Hard Sole Sheepskin Slipper Hard Sole Slipper


Sheepskin Skuffies in pink Pink Skuffies


Sheepskin Snuggie Shoes Snuggie Shoes


Sheepskin Clog Slippers Sheepskin Clogs


Babies Sheepskin Slippers Babies Sheepskin Slippers


Soft Sole Sheepskin Slippers Soft Sole Slipper


Men's Flex Sheepskin Slippers Men's Flex Sheepskin Slippers


Ladies Clog Sheepskin Slippers Ladies Clog Slippers


Brown Moccasin Sheepskin Slippers Chocolate Brown Slippers


Ladies Sheepskin Bootee Slippers Ladies Sheepskin Bootees


Men's Sheepskin Bootees by Old Friend Footwear Men's Sheepskin Bootees


Camouflage Moccasin by Old Friend Footwear Camouflage Moccasin Slippers


Alpine Sheepskin Slippers / Shoes by Old Friend Footwear. Alpine Sheepskin Slippers / Shoes



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