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Shearling Coats

                                        To help you understand the different pelts available for our Shearling coats, see the descriptions below.

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Shearling Coat in Spanish Merino Spanish Merino Pelts

These are top of the line skins used by designers, that make beautiful, warm garments that are sold in department stores for two to four times our price.   They are light weight, very soft and supple and make comfortable garments that are easy to move in.  The wool on these is supper soft and plush, more like fur.  Unlike traditional shearling coats that can be heavy and bulky, garments made from these pelts have all the warmth but are light weight.  The Spanish Merino's are available in these colors.

Long Hair Tuscany

Like the Spanish Merino pelts, these are imported top of the line skins that are very soft and supple.  The wool on these can be up to an 1-1/2", giving it a plush look, that looks like long hair fur.  You'll almost want to curly up in a ball and drape it over yourself, like a blanket, because these coats are so cozy and warm.

Shearling Coat in Icelandic Pelts


Icelandic Pelts

Icelandic pelts are light weight like the Spanish Merino pelts and make very nice garments.  They are soft and supple and make a garment that's comfortable and easy to move in but are very warm too.  The difference between the Spanish Merino and the Icelandic is in the wool.  The wool on the Icelandic pelts isn't quite a plush as the Spanish Merino but you can have a super nice coat that's not quite as expensive as the Spanish Merino would be.  The Icelandic pelts are available in four different colors.


Domestic Pelts

The domestic pelts are a medium weight skin that are probably what most people think of as a traditional shearling garment.  If your idea of a sheepskin coat is one of a more substantial garment, these are the pelts for you.  Our garment grade domestic pelts are thicker then the Icelandic and Spanish Merino pelts but are still very comfortable.  They are available in stony tan, black, brown nappa and black nappa (nappa pelts have a shinny finish).


Sheepskin Coat in Domestic Pelts



When you're choosing to buy a Shearling coat, we understand that it's an investment and you should rest assured that these will last for many, many years.  They are made of high quality skins that are durable but selected specifically for garments, so they will stay soft and supple as the years pass.

If you have any further questions, simply send an email to us by clicking on the link at the bottom of any of our pages.  Of course, you can also call us toll free at 1-866-502-5104.  Their are also many links at the bottom of every page, that might answer additional questions that you may have.

Click here to see our men's Shearling coats and click here for ladies Shearling coats.

Our family has been in the sheepskin abusiness for over 35 years, manufacturing most of our own products.  All our sheepskin products are guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for the life of the product. If you have any problems with them, simply return them to us and we'll make the necessary repairs at no cost to you.  You've come to the right place, if you're looking for a sheepskin, fur or leather garment at outlet prices.

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