Measurement Guide

        Instructions:  Take the following measurements with a tape measure, wearing what you'll normally wear underneath the coat. See measuring instructions at the bottom of this page...

Coat Drawing Coat Drawing


Fill out and fax to 1-610-689-5819 or mail to:   2693A W. Philadelphia Ave, Oley PA   19547.  If you're ordering online, use this as a guide to fill in the measurements that are asked for, after clicking the "Buy Now" button.


1) Shldr to Shldr  ______ inches

2) Chest Msrmnt. ______ inches

3) Shldr to Wrist  ______ inches

4) Hip or waist (whichever is widest)

Msrmnt.    ______ inches

Height  ____ feet  ____ inches

Weight  ______ lbs.

Normal coat size  ______

Name of coat you would like___________________

Price listed  ___________





Credit card #______ - ______ - ______ - ______

Exp. Date______/______ (mm/yy)  CVV2 _______ What's this?

Email Address_____________________________




To do the measurements wear what you think you would normally be wearing under the coat and do the following:

#1 Shoulder to Shoulder: Measure from seam where the sleeve is sewn into the body of the coat and follow the shoulder curve up and over to the other seam.

#2 Chest Measurement: Measure around the widest part of your chest.
With diaphragm relaxed and arms down at your side, measure loosely up under your arms around your chest at the widest point, leaving it loose enough to get 3 fingers in between.

#3 Arm Measurement: Measure from where the sleeve is sewn into the body of the coat, down to where you would like the sleeve to end.
This is normally between the wrist bone and the first knuckle of your thumb. Stopping at the wrist will make it too short.

#4 Hip or Waist Measurement: Actually it would be great to have both. Dressed, measure loosely around your waist or stomach, whichever is wider, then measure loosely around your hips.