Ladies Spanish Merino Shearling Coat

Ladies Spanish Merino Shearling Coat

Code: SM3_4


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Spanish Merino Shearling Style #SM3-4 Spanish Merino is an ultra light shearling that is designed to be luxuriously soft and supple but yet very durable. The fleece on these is more like fur, because it's that plush and soft. These are top quality shearlings used by leading fashion designers and sold at fine department stores at two to four times our price. This is a light weight coat that's easy to move in. Three buttons with the third one under the collar, so it can be buttoned all the way up. Approximately 34" in length $1049.99 Full length $1299.99 sizes 18 & 20 add $100.00, 22 & 24 add $200.00


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